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SS25-Artificial Intelligence, Wireless Communication and Network Security

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Session Chair/ Session Organizers:
Dr. Pankaj Bhambri, Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana, Punjab, INDIA
Dr. Sita Rani, Gulzar Group of Institutes, Khanna, Punjab, INDIA

Editorial Board
Dr. Alex Khang , VIUST. SEFIX. EDXOPS, Vietnam
Dr. OP Gupta, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, India
Dr. Munish Jindal, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Punjab Technical University, Bathinda, India
Dr. Aman Kataria,CSIR-CSIO, Chandigarh, India,
Dr. Ishbir Singh, Gulzar Group of Institutes ( GGI), Khanna, India
Dr. Gaurav Gupta, Punjabi University, Patiala, India

Session Description
Nowadays, we all are surrounded with the products and services that have been powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Wireless Communications.
AI empowers the computers and machines with the ability to learn reason and make judgment. With the rapid advancement in the complex technologies, the demand of Artificial Intelligence is booming due to its potential to deal with convoluted problems using limited resources in time efficient manner. AI is facilitated to enhance technical competence and can strengthen the knowledge to be applied in new processes and applications in numerous domains. AI is extensively employed in business processes, industry, finance, healthcare, education etc. The adop tion of automation commenced to rise in last decade only. The fundamental objective behind is to curtail manpower and time. The Power of Wireless Communication lies in the ability to deploy large number of tiny nodes that assemble and configure themselves to serve the purpose of Wireless Sensor Networks. Usage scenarios for these networks include real-time tacking, multimedia surveillance, military applications, environmental monitoring & agriculture, ubiquitous computing environments and many more. Firewalls have long been fixture at large companies, which must secure their networks against determined attackers. But the dangerous surge in e-mail and Web-borne threats--including viruses, worms, hijacks, and increasingly aggressive spyware--means that home PCs require this protection as well. The merger of AI with Network Security mechanisms has yielded a variety of applications in fraud prevention, brand management, software development, human resource management, industrial automation etc.

Recommended Topics
Topics to be discussed in this special session include (but are not limited to) the following:
• AI and Automation in Customer Services and Software Development and Testing
• AI in Action Recognition and their applications on Post-COVID Era
• A I in Agriculture Business Processes, Supply Chain Management and Decision Making
• AI, Computational Intelligence and Industry 4.0
• AI enabled Augmented Analytics for Business Intelligence and Industrial IoT
• AI for Intelligent Robotics and Knowledge Representation
• AI and IoT applications for Visual Surveillance
• AWS Cloud Services and DevOps tools
• Capacity, Coverage, Connectivity and Optimization of Wireless Networks
• Cryptography and Blockchain
• Data aggregation, Fusion and Routing Protocols
• Emerging Technologies in Wireless Communication Industry
• Lossless Data Compression Algorithms
• Low Power Security Protocols
• Medical Image Data Processing and Analysis
• Metaheuristic based Artificial Intelligence for the deployment of 5G
• Real-Time Intelligent Systems for Various Computer Vision Applications
• Reinforcement Learning, Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks, Neuro-Fuzzy Techniques, Optimization and Data driven Methods
• Signal Processing and Advances in 5G Communication.

Submission Procedure
Researchers, Scholars, Students, Academicians, Industry Persons, and Practitioners are invited to submit papers for this special session on Artificial Intelligence, Wireless Communication and Network Security on or before 01st June 2021. All submissions must be original and not be under review by other publicationS. INTERESTED AUTHORS SHOULD FOLLOW THE CONFERENCE’S GUIDELINES FOR MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSIONS at http://smarttech-conference.org/2021/submission.html. All submitted papers will be reviewed on a double-blind, peer review basis. NOTE: While submitting paper in this special session, please specify the special session titled Artificial Intelligence, Wireless Communication and Network Security at the top (above paper title) of the first page of your paper.

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