Special Sessions

SS23-Computational Intelligence for Cyber Physical Systems

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Session Chair/ Session Organizers:
Dr. Sofana Reka
School of Electronics Engineering,
Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai, Tamilnadu

Dr. Harimurugan
Department of Electrical Engineering,
National Institute of Technology, Jalandar

Dr. Prakash V
School of Electronics Engineering ,
Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai, Tamilnadu

Objective of the Special Session
CPS (Cyber Physical systems ) are moving towards on a greater aspect with industrial perspective pioneered on seamless integration between the computational and physical aspects. These systems are growing at a faster aspect integrating computational aspects with engineering systems. Such systems at a various perspective embark on many systems from smart grids , medical systems, advanced manufacturing systems to many wearable devices. These systems develops creates an computational advancements building in new technology with the aspect of different Internet of Things applications. This advancements in technology builds in various opportunities ranging from healthcare to agriculture. Thereby large amount of data are involved which develops need of proper computational intelligence for meeting various challenges including scalability and robustness at a larger scale.

Topics of the Special Session
• Networking systems for Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)
• Real world applications of IoT Technology
• Wearable CPS and applications
• Computational Intelligence on Smart Cities, Energy / Smart Grid,Smart Medical Systems, transportation systems
• Machine Learning, Autonomous Systems, Cloud-Fog Computing, Big/Smart Data, Security
• Computational Intelligence towards Security , privacy Aspects in CPS modelling
• Big Data Applications in IoT

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