Special Sessions

SS18-Data Security and Privacy

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Session Chair/ Session Organizers:
Dr. T. N. Prabakar
Department of ECE,
Sri Sairam College of Engineering,
Anekal, Bengaluru 562106
Dr. B. Shadaksharappa
Professor & Principal.
Sri Sairam College of Engineering
Prof. C. Sivaprakash
Sri Sairam College of Engineering

Objectives of The Special Session
Data has been an important asset that need to be protected from prying eyes. With the advent of technologies such as IOT, Cloud computing and remote processing, numerous data storage and sharing happens in cloud storage and global Internet. Data security comprises of policies and methods to secure data while data privacy comprises of proper usage, retention and deletion of data. Though there are plenty of protection mechanisms are in place, always there exists opportunities for a good forum to discuss about design, implement and evaluate data protection methodologies. Papers are expected in the topics of (but not limited to) Cloud Data Security, Data Privacy, Network Security, IoT Security, Data Access Control, Social Media Security, Data masking, Data resilience and Risk Analysis.

Topics of the Special Session (but not limited to)
• Cloud Data Security
• Data Privacy
• Network Security
• IoT Security
• Data Access Control
• Social Media Security
• Data Masking
• Data Resilience
• Risk Analysis

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