Special Sessions

SS11-Deep learning and its application in IT and ITeS

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Session Chair/ Session Organizers:
Dr. S. Manikandan, Associate Professor and Head/IT, E.G.S. Pillay Engineering College (Autonomous), Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu, India

Aim and Scope

Deep Learning is the process to led machine learning, natural language processing and neural networks. The various deep learning models, computer vision systems and artificial intelligence services are used to study of various real time applications. The various smart applications and smart devices are used for automation, assisting services and supply chain activities. Artificial Intelligence includes various commercial application which offered deep learning behaviours. They are selected to elaborate and monitor the operations. The following services offered in selected and knowledge discovery process like financial services, transportation services, customer services automated applications, etc. AI techniques can process millions of applications and trigger the process. The following are the popular recommendation engines used in connecting various real time services providers such as Amazon Alexa, Amazon Chime, Google Assistance, etc. For example, banking systems are used AI applications to offers various file handling mechanisms, managing properties and reasoning capabilities. AI system can alert and trigger investigation process. Bots based automated techniques used to promise searching and firewall operations to control, e-commerce and social networks. This session aims and motivates to the researchers to present their ideas, finding and applications in the area deep learning in different IT and IT enabled services.

Topics of the Special Session:
1. Deep learning in Education Sciences
2. Deep learning in Ranking services in online and social media applications
3. Network traffic flow prediction
4. Agent Interaction system and Agent Modeling
5. E-Learning and E-Content accessing
6. Smart system and development
7. Deep learning in Medical Image processing
8. Deep Learning in Industry 4.0 standards

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