Category Authors from other countries
Authors from Malaysia
Regular Author 120$ MYR 400
Regular Authors (IEEE Members) 100$ MYR 350
Student Authors 80$ MYR 300
Student Author (IEEE Member) 70$ MYR 250

For Student Authors/Attendees

Each registration has 1 paper. Additional paper required new registration.

For Student registration, student status verification is required either by a letter from the Institution or a scanned copy of the student card.


(a) All banking charges MUST BE borne by the participants.
(b) Please ensure that the Remitter's (Participant/Author) name, Paper-ID and the Purpose of remittance (Registration Fees) is clearly mentioned by the Remitter in the Funds Transfer Application.
(c) Registration fees do not include accommodation and travel.


Substitutions or cancellations should be made in writing on or before 01-July-2021. Refunds will be subjected to an administrative charge to be borne by the registrant. Bank charges that occur will also have to be borne by the registrant. Registrants wishing to cancel may send someone to take their place without penalty if they send a written request with the replacement person's name to secretariat at least two weeks prior to the event start date. No refunds will be made for cancellation or no-show after 01-July-2021.